First UK Shipment report

  It’s that time of year that  we prepare to take on the Ultimate Challenge in the Atlantic ocean The Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race, and at this current time with  the first of two shipments from the UK and Ireland...

First shipment from UK/Netherlands arrived in perfect condition

First shipment arrived in perfect condition. Good work Chris Sutton Tom Harris Sjaak Buwalda and all coworkers.

Derby ARONA Late Returned 2017 Pigeons Auction OPEN!

In a 100% Transparency act, like ever, we offer the Derby Arona Late-Returned pigeons 2017 in auction: click: (Derby ARONA auctions)  

New Agent/Coordinator for PORTUGAL

We are glad to appoint our new D.Arona Shipper/Coordinator for Portugal. Nuevo Representante en Portugal: PAULO MOTA & ANTÓNIO REALINHO: [email protected] - Teléfono: +351 910 031 388 (Ruben Gomes)" - PORTUGAL Welcome to the Arona TEAM! Click here for:  Official Shippers for...

First Shipment from South Africa to Derby ARONA just arrived!

First Shipment from South Africa to Derby ARONA just arrived 100% successful! thank you to SAMUEL’S LOFT Team and PETRUS VAN EEDEN Team!

Shipping Dates UK/Ireland

Click here for:  Official Shippers for Derby ARONA 2018 SHIPPING DATES UK/Ireland UK/Ireland SHIPPER: Chris Sutton - Shipping Dates: 13th June and 2nd Week of September- [email protected] - Tel 0044 1530242548 – 0044 7792356330 - Coworker: Tom Harris: Tel t07443040056 -...


  click: (Derby ARONA auctions)  

Derby ARONA pulverised records!

Derby ARONA pulverised records! - PIPA auction finished with +1400 Euro/Pigeon average with +80 pigeons in auction! We suppose this is part of a combination of great jobs of years. We are very happy with auction success and thanks to...